5 Benefits of Relative Strength Momentum Investing

The 5 big advantages of using extra power are often overlooked in the desire to buy and make money with stocks, ETFs or bonds. This, in addition to the fact that the term “kinship power,” seems dangerous and that many people do not understand.

As I have previously written, “Mistake Prevention and Relative Strength”, an RSM-based analysis takes the form of a step-by-step analysis to determine how strong a stock market or fund is, whether well-established, stable especially an ETF or fund fund. compared to others. This compelling RSM analysis focuses on ticker signals that are strong and that can remain strong but continue to climb; and if not, the analysis indicates that it is a time for sale. ‘

Pros # 1:

This is one of the most proven ways to assess the success of a successful fundraiser.

Many books have been written on RSM, including Michael J. Carr’s definitive guide: Smarter Investing In Any Economy (on sale here, but will be reprinted soon).

Pros # 2:

RSM applies to all types of investments:

  • Short term
  • Long time
  • Medium
  • Aggressive
  • Lover
  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds

Pros # 3:

Forms that give good results can be set up even if you are not very good at math or math because it is one of the most readily available programs.

The variety, all related, gives you the opportunity to choose the RSM tracking system gives you an inspirational approach that fits your goals and personality.

Carr tests seven different formulas for strength:

  • Alpha
  • Normal change (ROC)
  • Rear weight of ROC
  • ROC heavy forward
  • Price / move average
  • Various moving parts
  • Average time zones

Pros # 4:

Business analysis with alpha or any other RSM method can be easily integrated with other purchasing rules in personalized business software and financial software programs.

The purchase rules are as follows:

  • It doesn’t stop
  • How long to be responsible
  • Set the parameters to ensure that the position is high among your ticker groups

Pros # 5:

You can perform simple technical analysis with or without Standard Deviation (SD). By adding SD to the monitor, you can be very careful.

Instead, with or without SD you can optimize any RSM calculations as alpha to achieve your fitness or fitness goals or invest aggressively with the right money-making program.

While the extra energy costs seem risky it can lead to long-term growth of your reputation, especially if you find a software program that converts RSM into a few tons of mice and allows you to compare the benefits with the potential risks.