Bull Market Flashback until 1982

On August 19, 1986, I arrived at JFK International Airport, and James, my old college friend, picked me up. After spending a few days with her and her family, she dropped me off at college in Montclair, New Jersey.
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Coming to the United States was a new beginning for me. Going to college was like jumping into a new world, where I had to discover new things every day. It forced me to think about how things were going slowly.

And a lot of things that are obvious today … it was hard to imagine for myself at the time. For example, I did not know how to dress for the winter, and as a result, I was almost always cold in the winter.

What is going on in the market reminds me of that time, because nowadays most people are not surprised. Unless you have the knowledge and experience of how the markets work, you will make the wrong decisions.

And you can miss something that could change your life in 2017 …
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The hardest part is the bull market in stocks.

And I’m not just talking about the huge new bull market in stocks that will raise the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 50,000 … and then beyond.

I hope by the end of the bull market, the Dow could be 100,000 easily.

I know many of you think this looks crazy. However, consider 1982, which was the beginning of the last major bull market in stocks. People were not optimistic about the future of our country.

One simple way to find out about a bad situation back then is to look at some of the most popular magazines of all time: Time.

September 6, 1982, issue of Time had a new cattle market that had just started.

Within this article were some of the most common misconceptions about the market today:

No one predicted it. No one can explain that. No one dreamed they could continue every day. But last week Wall Street continued to be one of the most unpredictable business ventures in the economic history … Crazy has broken records, and then broken again …? Why has the impact been so strong when expectations for a recession are uncertain?

Now, back in 1982, you will find two similarities for 2017.

First, there was an amazing technology – computers had just begun to appear to be a major force in our economy.

Second, you had the age of the children born, the oldest who had just turned 34.

And today, we have the same two things happening.

First, we have an amazing technological development – the Internet of Things is beginning to change the way our world works on everything from our roads to cars to our health and every aspect of our lives.

Second, we have the coming millennium – the largest generation in US history at 92 million powers.

Amazing Bull Market Competition

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose from 770 in August 1982 to 11,750 in January 2000 – a gain of 1,426%.

In other words, if you lose $ 10,000 in the Dow plan at the beginning of the bull market and just catch it, you will have $ 14.2 million in the end. Amazing, amazing, amazingly profitable through the initial purchase of the beef market!

Now, I understand that many of you may be skeptical of what I just told you.

However, I have spent ten years exploring the markets of cattle and bears throughout history. And this combination of major technological changes and the coming new generation of years is just as close as you can get to a definite thing according to the strategy of predicting a large bull market. And that is one of the reasons I put my reputation and my reputation on it.

You can also buy a trading fund (ETF), such as Opinions of the company SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF, to benefit from the huge new bull market.

However, if you want to make a profit that will give you financial freedom, you need to get one stock that can go up to 300%, 500%, 1,000% or more. This is the goal of a new project that my publisher is launching early next year. Keep an eye out here if you are the type of business you want to profit from this type of business.

Profits of this kind may seem insurmountable today, but just remember that in the last major bull market we had incredible winners like Home Depot who went from $ 0.15 a share to $ 52 – a profit of 34,567%. There have been some amazing successes as Home Depot is coming up in the coming years.