Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) Profits

The cryptocurrency market grew in 2017-2018; the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached $ 700 Billion USD last year. With the huge market opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies, digital currency trading is booming and several crypto-exchanges have been established within a year and some are still growing. Crypto Exchange is a platform where traders can exchange Crypto currencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
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The Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform to be established in Quarter 3 of 2018. PCEX is secure, fast, financially viable and uses the broker method to provide additional security. The platform is the only way to market; offering full cryptocurrency exchanges for Digital currencies and Digital currencies for fiat currency trading.
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Advantages of PCEX

Multi-functional Exchange Platform

Many crypto-exchanges, even well-known platforms, only support crypto-to-crypto trading, forcing traders to perform their operations on multiple exchanges. Crypto traders start buying crypto currencies on fiat currencies on a particular platform and then distribute the funds on a number of trading platforms to ensure liquidity and profitability. In order to convert digital currency into fiat, traders have a choice of few platforms. PCEX is a comprehensive solution that provides a lot of revenue; crypto traders are able to conduct all their trades on one platform and will also be guaranteed huge profits.
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High Liquidity

Promoting the digital economy at PCEX, the platform has all the necessary implications for rapid exchange;
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Simple interface to use to reduce traffic. PCEX is structured similarly to the National Stock Exchange type for better reference.

Cheap currency (PCEX insists on low-cost purchases on the platform).

An amazing way to sell through a matching engine. The rules of marketing will be the same quickly on the platform.

High Order Comparison

Users on PCEX are given a way to reduce sales so that they can buy or sell goods at a set price; a similar engine will try to improve sales by comparing user sales with a better price in less time. The time limit will be set by the traders after which the trading system will be removed from the platform. PCEX is able to match orders quickly through a high-quality matching engine.
Enough Money

To trade on PCEX, crypto-traders will receive only two currencies: transaction fees and discounted fees. Purchase costs on PCEX are much lower than fees on other platforms that offer similar services. The bulk of the proceeds go to PCEX brokers and sub-brokers; the platform will receive a small portion of the cut.
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Broker and Sub-Broker Methods

The crypto-trade brokers and sub-brokers are an integral part of the PCEX trading platform. Traders on crypto-exchange platforms are often confronted with customer support and limited downtime. PCEX solves this problem by using a group of brokers and other brokers to help individual traders in each trade. One link will be provided to PCEX traders who can connect at any time to assist them. No unanswered dark time will be connected to PCEX.
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Through the broker approach and special services, PCEX seeks to build long-term relationships with users. The broker approach also adds security to the platform.
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High Security

Surprisingly, PCEX has several security components. The platform is equipped with a Clark-Wilson Model security system to ensure data integrity. Security will ensure the acceptance of the information on PCEX so that data breaches are avoided altogether. Platform-protected operations require readers to interact; tools and information are in place to protect your website. PCEX gives crypto traders an unparalleled level of security and keeps traders and their digital assets safe from fraudsters and accidental losses.
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Users, brokers and all brokers on PCEX are required to complete the KYC / AML protocol; PCEX prepares in the future any rules that may apply in the future. Entrepreneurs can also be assured of legal behavior on the platform.
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Cryptocurrency trading is a constant area where prices are rising and falling almost daily. Price instability depends on state or federal laws, security, acceptance of digital currency retailers, major players, etc. Cryptocurrency trading offers Return-of-Investment much higher than traditional exchanges; early investments in cryptocurrencies made a profit in the 2017-2018 million.
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To support the need for digital currency and digital trading platforms, PCEX adopts a state-of-the-art system with all-in-one tools. Anything that crypto traders would like to make a simple and easy trade is available on PCEX. Instead, PCEX goes the extra mile.
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